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Sharing Platters

Mexican Platter (2 people)         £28

Free Range Organic Pork Pibil Tacos (2) MSC Approved Haddock Fish Tacos (2) Black Bean Tacos (optional feta) (2) Tomatillo Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Molcajete Salsa, Totopos with Salsa & Guacamole

Spanish Platter (2-3 people) £32

Brindisa Iberico Ham Croquetas (6), Brindisa Porcini & Wild Mushroom Croquetas (6)

Papas Bravas, Brindisa Chorizo Con Cidre, Padron Peppers with Maldon Salt.  

Add to Spanish Platter:

Chorizo, Rocket, Salsa Brava Bocadillo (pinxo style) £42

Vegan Platter (2-3 people) £32

Jackfruit Tinga Tacos (4), Black Bean Tacos (4)

Totopos home-made corn chips with Guacamole & Pico de Gallo, Padron Peppers

Bowl Vegan Chilli (no rice) with Tortilla Chips, Papas Bravas (V)

Tacos (3 per portion)

Pork Pibil Tacos Slow cooked organic Rhug Farm pork shoulder, marinated in mayan spices with black beans and spicy slaw £12

Fish Tacos – MSC approved haddock spicy slaw, chipotle £12

Black Bean Tacos (v/vg)- with lettuce & molcajete salsa (optional feta) £8

Jackfruit Tinga Tacos (vg) – slow cooked jackfruit with tomato, chipotle, 

onions served with pickled pink onions £10


£1 per portion or all 5 for £4

Forget Me Not – Scotch bonnet, red onion, slaw, allspice, cloves, oregano (hot)

Tomatillo – Green toms, garlic, onions, arbor chili, parsley, coriander (mild/med)

Molcajete – Charred chillies and tomatoes (mild/med)

Pico de Gallo – Chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, parsley, chili, lime (med)

Pink Onions – Marinated w/org apple cider vinegar, spices, scotch bonnet chili (med)

Light Bites

Spicy Chorizo Bocadillo Hot chorizo and rocket with salsa brava in 

a toasted baguette. Served with greenery and a side of fries  £12

Chili Con Carne Organic Rhug Farm Aberdeen Angus beef chilli con carne, 

served with rice, fresh chili and lime £11

Vegan Chili (vg)- Bean & veggie chili, served with rice, fresh chili, lime & 

guacamole £9.50

Papas Bravas (v) – Sautéed potatoes w/salsa brava aioli 

(also available with vegan garlic mayo) £7.50

Brindisa Iberico Ham & Bechamel Croquetas (6) £8

Brindisa Porcini & Wild Mushroom Croquetas (v) (6) £8

Kids MSC approved Haddock with chips £6

Kids Vegan Jackfruit Tinga Taco (vg) (2)- less spicy version £5


Home-made Totopos (VG) – tortilla corn chips with guacamole & pico de gallo £6.50

Lightly Salted Fries (vg) £4  

Oregano Fries  &  Teja’s Chili Fries (vg) £4.25

Padron Peppers (vg) –  in olive oil, sprinkled with Maldon salt £5


Dessert specials made here by our awesome chef Fina!  £5


Belazu olive mix – £4

Belazu almonds / cashew – £4