Food Menu

Tacos (3 per portion)

Beef Tinga Taco – Organic free range beef / tomato & chipotle salsa / red onion marmalade – £12

Pork Pibil Taco – Slow cooked, organic, free range pork / forget-me-not sauce /slaw / fried beans – £11

Fish (or no fish) Taco – MSC haddock or vegan (not) fish / spicy slaw – £12

Black Bean Taco – Fried black beans / lettuce / molcajete salsa / optional cheddar cheese – £7.50

Fat Mex Burger – Organic free-range beef patty / guacamole / chipotle sauce / optional feta cheese / fries – £12

Kids MSC haddock (or vegan moving mountains) & chips – £5

Chilli Con Carne – Organic beef chilli, served with rice, fresh chilli, totopos and lime – £9.50

Vegan Chilli – Vegan bean and vegetable chilli, served with rice, totopos, fresh chilli and lime – £9


Home-made Totopos (corn chips) with guacamole & pico de gallo – £5.50

Fries £3 / Oregano Fries – £3.25

Salsas/Sauces – £1 each…

Forget me not – Scotch bonnet, red onion, slaw, allspice, cloves, oregano (hot)

Tomatillo – Green tomatoes, garlic, onions, arbor chilli, parsley, coriander (mild/medium)

Molajete – Charred chillies and tomatoes (mild/medium)

Pico de Gallo – Chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, parsley, chilli, lime (medium)

Pink Onions – Marinated with raw apple cider vinegar, spices, scotch bonnet chilli (medium)

Please turn over for allergy advise. If you have any allergies pls inform your server.

Cross contamination cannot be ruled out, traces of allergen may be found in food


We use known allergens such as; Mustards, fish, shellfish, celery, soya, eggs, gluten, milk, nuts, etc… We will do our best to accommodate, however due to shared equipment between bar and kitchen items may contain traces of allergens.


Belazu olive mix – £3.25

Belazu almonds – £4