Food Menu

Beef tinga taco x 3 – bavette steak strips/tomato & chipotle sauce with spicy red onion marmalade 12

Pork pibil taco x 3 – slow-cooked, free-range organic pork, marinated in mayan spices & banana leaves, with onions & scotch bonnet/slaw medley/fried beans 11

Fish/no fish taco x 3 – msc haddock fish strips or vegan no  fish, on a bed of varanda spicy slaw 12

Crackle & guac taco x 3 – organic free-range pork crackling & guacamole taco, with Mexican molcajete salsa 7.5

Black bean taco x 3 – fried black beans/lettuce/molcajete sauce with optional feta cheese 10

Chicken wings Mexicana – organic free-range wings, roasted in adobo with chilli & tomato/chilibob’s naga or mango sauce/served with fries 10 / without 8.5

Kid’s simple chicken taco x 2 – £5

Kid’s vegan fish finger (moving mountains) & fries £5


Fries 3

Sweet potato fries 4

Oregano herbed fries 3.25

Totopas & guac – tortilla chips/guacamole & pico de gallo 4.75

Broccoli, red pepper, and walnut salad 5.5

Choices of extra sauces £1 each:

  • Forget-me-not-sauce – scotch bonnet chillies, red onions, slaw, pickled with allspice, cloves and Mexican oregano
  • Tomatillo sauce – green tomatoes cooked with garlic, onions and arbol chilli, blended with parsley & coriander
  • Morita chilli sauce – Mexican chilli from the chipotle family, blended with tomatoes, garlic, parsley & onions
  • Molcajete sauce – rustic sauce made with charred chillies and tomatoes 
  • Pico de gallo sauce – chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, parsley and mixed fresh chillies, marinated in citrus juices
  • Pink pickled onions – marinated with raw organic apple cider vinegar, spices, and scotch bonnet chillies
  • Spicy red onion marmalade, infused with chipotle


Belazu olive mix 3.25

Belazu sea salt & migonetee pepper almonds 4